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prahran village apartments
Prahran Village Apartments are located in 2 uniquely styled buildings right in the heart of Prahran. These are perfect for holiday travellers, shoppers or that busy executive looking for a bit more style and space.   more info


Prahran (pronounced "pruh-RAN"), also known colloquially as "Pran", is a suburb in Melbourne, 5 km south-east from Melbourne's central business district. The shopping street Chapel Street is a mix of upscale fashion shops and cafes. Along with the South Yarra section of Toorak Rd, it is a fashionable magnet for Melbourne's upscale set. Greville Street, once the centre of the Melbourne's hippie community, has many cafés, bars, restaurants, bookstores, clothing shops and music shops. Prahran takes its name from Pur-ra-ran, a compound of two aboriginal words, meaning "land partially surrounded by water" in 1837 by George Langhorne. The proximity of the Yarra River and a swamp to the southwest—Albert Park Lake is the remnant—explains that description. Prahran is home to a large collection of architecturally significant commercial buildings, many on the Victorian Heritage Register. Prahran features many small gardens scattered throughout the suburb which are largely hidden. The former Greville Botanical Gardens now "Grattan Gardens" are off Greville Street on Grattan Street. Subdivisions have caused incursions to what is now a narrow strip with a playground and heritage pavilion. The Princes Gardens are a small garden which features the "Chapel Off Chapel", an old church converted into a theatre, as well as the Prahran skate park, home to the best vert skateboarding facilities in Victoria. Victoria Gardens off High Street is a Victorian era garden with a main space consisting of a circular row of London plane trees and an angel statue. The Orrong Romanis Park is the largest park in Prahran.